Hiroko Claus / Makeup & Hair

Born in Japan, at age of 18 after graduation of high school, Hiroko decided to leave her home town to study abroad. She studied Interior Design at the college in upstate NY, and decided to move to New York City to continue her study at Art School, Pratt Institute, where she discovered her artistic talent & passion in Art.

Since she has relocated in Los Angeles, she has been away from Art, however she has never forgotten her passion in Art. As she has been interested in makeup artistry for a long time, she decided to choose a career in makeup artistry. Her artistic background and experience give her all idea and technique for applying makeup.

Today, over 19 years of living in the U.S., she is grateful that she discovered her profession in makeup artistry and keeps working toward her best work. Her work can been seen on major magazines, advertising and etc.

She currently works based in S.F. Bay Area and travels to Los Angeles. 

* Resume upon on request.

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